The constitutional court defended the right of military prosecutors and investigators for the office accommodation

Military prosecutors and investigators did not remain without a roof over the head, and the uncertainty in the law will correct. As stated in the decree, which publishes "RG".

This decision of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the Constitution of the Russian Federation "On amendments to certain federal acts of the Russian Federation on military service in bodies of the Prosecutor and military investigative bodies of the Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation".

The constitutional court defended the right of military prosecutors and investigators for the office accommodation

The Supreme Court has been explained that there will be housing military divorce

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The case was heard without a public hearing, and the decision of the COP.

In its request to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation until 1 January 2017 the military prosecutors and investigators should be provided with service housing.

Uncertainty, in the opinion of the court, associated with the presence of contradictions between the contested norm and the law "On the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation". Military prosecutors and investigators had previously belonged to the military Department and rose to "housing allowance" through the Ministry of Defense. But later they withdrew from the Ministry and included in the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. But what body should take care of those left without a home on January 1, 2017, is unclear.

The uncertainty arose when military prosecutors and investigators withdrew from the defense ministry.

The constitutional court emphasizes that the contested provision is clear and unambiguous. The norm creates the preconditions for administrative arbitrariness and selective justice, so weakening constitutional rights.

The constitutional court decided immediately that this uncertainty. To make these changes, the military prosecutors and investigators, embarked on "housing allowance" until January 1, 2017, may not be taken from him.

The decision of the court was on the account of the Ministry of Defense.

To provide military service housing, they are provided with warranties by Law "On the status of servicemen".

The decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has not been enforced.

The company is the richest Russian businessman can buy plants in Europe

The company is the richest Russian businessman can buy plants in Europe

NLMK group is thinking about acquiring the Belgian assets of ArcelorMittal, said on Tuesday the President of NLMK Grigory Fedorishin in a conference call with investors: “This [the assets of ArcelorMittal] look at that number.”

The basic owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin billionaire. Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 19.1 billion, and Lisin, the richest Russian on the moment.

The interest of NLMK steel assets in Europe, said the Belgian L’echo newspaper, was found in the building of the Belgian province of Liege, Walloon Minister of Economy Pierre-Yves Ihole. NLMK is the only contender for the European assets of ArcelorMittal, writes L’echo, workers steelmakers are concerned about the uncertainty of the sale of the plant.

Trade Union Representatives insist on the sale of all assets of ArcelorMittal in liège (for the sake of a single buyer: if they have different owners, there will be transport and management failures, reports their opinion L’echo.

In Belgium, ArcelorMittal has two plants for rent in Liege (Wallonia) and in Ghent (East Flanders). ArcelorMittal must sell in Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as the manufacturer of flat rolled. The decision must be published before 23 may, writes L’echo. In November 2017, the European Commission announced that it will assess the possibility of the transaction in the ArcelorMittal on the acquisition of ILVA for compliance with antitrust laws. “The deal may violate the competitive principles of the market of steel products”, stated in the message Department.

The representative of NLMK on the questions not answered – as the representatives of the province of liège, Wallonia, Union steel workers of ArcelorMittal Liege.

The European market is second in importance to nmlc after Russia, in 2017 it is accounted for by 18% of revenue. At NLMK Europe two rolling plant in Belgium, NLMK La Louvière (in Wallonia) and France, NLMK Strasbourg. According to the company, in 2017 they produced 4.8 million tons of hot, cold, galvanized steel and rolled products with polymer coatings.

NLMK is 8% of the European rental market. Acquisition of assets – the opportunity to increase the supplies to the European market for NLMK, the Director of the Center for Economic forecasting of Gazprombank Airat Khalikov.

Analyst “Aton” by Andrey Lobazov by NLMK sends semi-finished products- slabs for rolling mills in Europe and the United States, therefore, investments in the increase in rolling capacity, especially investments in the European market is now less risky.

The owner of NLMK with a joke.

Steven Gerrard: “Salah is the best player in the world”

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard shared his opinion on the forward of the Merseyside Mohamed Salah.

In the first match of the semi-finals of the Champions League with Roma (5-2), the Egyptian took a double and made two assists.

“He shows the best game in his career. It’s hard to compare him with Ronaldo and Messi, who have long and consistently set the tone in world football.

But right now Salah is the best player in the world. I do not doubt it at all, “said Gerrard.

Masquerade in the garbage

It would seem that simple, but surely the formula of success: Assignment of the Italians is responsible for the outcome of the work on one of the most significant of Verdi’s works. But somehow everything just went wrong. First, it turned out that the Director and set designer Davide Livermore, has managed in one and the same time to release two productions of “don Pasquale” at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan and in the Bolshoi theater “the Ball”. So most of the time with the soloists. And place the conductor called to take a young and ambitious Giacomo Sagripanti, which is well-proven four-and-a-half years ago, working in a large number of Verdi’s Opera “don Carlos”. But apparently, the test of the “copper pipes” he could not stand, especially not having the experience of working on the costume ball, was not able to cope at all with Verdi’s score, no orchestra, no soloists.

Gustav III in 1792, during the masquerade ball in the Swedish Opera. Because of this, by the way, the Swedish monarch is still legally forbidden to appear in the Opera. The libretto was subjected to censorial editing. For the salvation of his creation, Verdi moved the action of the Opera in the New Light, and the king became a Governor. And he died for political reasons, but for the fact that I’m my friend’s wife. All very Opera, where love without a bloody denouement and not love at all.

But in the late 1970s, the Bolshoi Theater has the luck of the “costume ball”, where the beautiful scenery of Nicholas Benois went on the stage of the best of the best of several generations of Great Singers for this production. quarter of a century.

Now a team of soloists came to be extremely colorful. Weight invited singers, however, it’s not the first row. But if the group of “Bulgarian friends” baritone Vladimir Stoyanov (husband-cuckold Renato) and mezzo-soprano Nadia Krasteva in the role of the fortune teller Ulrica outstanding vocals and not shown, but peers still looked decent. But the Italian troops tenor Premier Giorgio Berruti (Governor Richard), Silvia Beltrami and Damian Mizzi (Ullrich and Oscar the page from the second part) the overall impression that we were invited from the charitable considerations of the fight against the European unemployment. Not in the form of turned out to be extra and appeared in the premiere part of the Ukrainian Oksana Duc (Amelia).

And such personnel decisions are not only discrediting the idea of ​​”guest performances”, which is unthinkable without a modern. The only one who deserves compliments is the Great Soloist, Anna Nechaeva (second Amelia) and a graduate of the Youth Program of the theater Nina Minasyan (page No. 1). Although they were not always accurate, especially in ensembles. But it is a reproach in the first place of conductor, which, oddly enough, is not able to convey the style of, to create the atmosphere of Italian Opera.

However, in the following autumn, a series of performances, subside with the wave of the premiere, the “first wind” in a different performing situation. For example, another of Verdi’s hits – “La Traviata” and “don Carlos” in the poster Large succeeded. Although in this case, one in the memory of him.

Hitchcock that the Director promised to bring to the show, in fact, he left the statement without any internal drama. Absolutely without hearing the music, he constantly enlivens the action, it is vanity resetimages, a huge crowd, “Chinese”, it is still some gamesmanship. But even this does not compare with its scenographic solution. The main element of the scenery is the building of the governor’s residence with its architectural shapes reminiscent of the Grand Theater. And in a key, the scene of the play, the love affair is revealed, and exposed the “belly” of the house, reminiscent of the landfill. And here opens a wide field for interpretations, far beyond the scope of art.

Maria Babalova –

especially for “New”

In Novorossiysk there was an earthquake of magnitude 4

An earthquake of magnitude 4 occurred in Novorossiysk in the Krasnodar Territory on the night of April 25. This is reported by the main department of the Ministry for Emergencies in the region.

The information was received on Wednesday after midnight. The epicenter was in the area of ​​the village of Natukhayevskaya at a depth of 80 kilometers, told the Emergency Situations Ministry.

It is specified that residents of Novorossiysk and Anapa felt minor tremors.

Victims and damages are not present as a result of the earthquake, there was no evacuation, life support facilities and the economy operate on a regular basis.

Complex training before the first test match at the “Samara-Arena” will be held on Wednesday

Complex training before the first test match at the "Samara-Arena" will be held on Wednesday

MOSCOW, April 24. / TASS /. Integrated training for the first test match at the 2018 World Cup stadium in Samara is scheduled for April 25. This was reported by the vice-governor of the Samara region Alexander Fetisov at a meeting on the preparations for the World Cup.

Complex training before the first test match at the "Samara-Arena" will be held on Wednesday

Football Park in Samara greeted guests with rainy weather for the second day of work

The first test match at "Samara-Arena" will be held on April 28. Within the limits of superiority of Football national league (FNL) local "Wings of Soviets" and Voronezh "Torch". The game sold 15 thousand tickets.

"On Wednesday, the final comprehensive training will be held to develop actions under the transport management plan, the last mile and operating activities. The training will take place completely according to the scenario of the match on April 28. Teams have been formed and approved, which will be used in all management centers, as well as the rules of action. On April 27, an additional training session is planned to work out the problems that will be revealed during the training on April 25", – said Fetisov.

For the match in the stadium it is planned to employ 600 controllers-managers, 150 employees of private security companies, 34 employees of X-ray facilities, four fire engines, 245 volunteers of the organizing committee "Russia-2018" and 140 city volunteers, 150 media representatives and bloggers are accredited for the match. It is planned to operate 10 power points.

President of Armenia came out to protesters after the call of the opposition

Armenian President Armen Sargsyan came to the area of ​​the Republic to protesters, the “Caucasian Knot” reports.

It happened at seven o’clock in the evening local time. Thus, the head of state fulfilled the demand of the opposition leader Nikola Pashinyan, who called on the president to go out to the protesters at that time.

Portal writes that the president talked with Pashinyan for about ten minutes, after which they “warmly said goodbye”, and the president left. Details of the conversation are unknown, however, on the way to his car Sarkisyan, on the question of journalists, whether there will be negotiations between the parties, answered: “I hope.”

Earlier, Sargsyan appealed to Pashinyan with a call to “go to a dialogue to mitigate the tense situation in the country.”

In turn, Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, because of which protests continue in the country, announced his readiness to leave his post, Interfax reports.

“For my part, the entry into office of the Prime Minister was due to one simple circumstance. In this region with complex geopolitics and in a period full of new challenges, we are obliged to ensure the country’s safe development and continue efforts aimed at a dignified settlement of the Karabakh problem, “he explained.

Serzh Sargsyan added that, in his opinion, “these problems are solved. After that, other leaders can stand at the helm of power. “

Protest actions of the opposition are continuing in Yerevan since April 13. People oppose the appointment of former President Serzh Sargsyan to the post of Prime Minister of Armenia. On Saturday, police detained more than 100 oppositionists, and a day earlier – more than 200.

“Roskomvoboda” appealed to complain about blocking Roskomnadzor in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The lawyers of the project “Roskomvoboda” called on Internet users affected by Roskomnadzor locks to write complaints to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In complaints, lawyers are advised to demand that the department’s actions be checked for violations of the rights of citizens or organizations. The announcement is published on the project website.

It states that if, due to Roskomnadzor’s actions, a user could not visit a site not included in the Unified Register of Prohibited Sites, then actions of the Roskomnadzor senior management may contain signs of the composition of an administrative offense under Article 13.18 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation “Obstruction of the operation of sites on the Internet” ; crimes under Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Excess of official powers, which caused a substantial violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations”.

“I think that in the last few days everyone could be sure that Roskomnadzor has already crossed the line. Over these five years, we have become accustomed to blocking one or another site, but this has never happened. There are all the signs of a deliberate mass shatdown. From the point of view of international law, this is a flagrant violation of the basic principles formulated by the UN with limited access to banned information, “said Sarkis Darbinyan, the leading lawyer of the” Roskomvobozhda “.

He added that “the actions of Roscomnadzor to introduce entire subnets in order to block Telegram are obviously disproportionate and cause significant economic damage to Russian Internet business and violate the rights of millions of citizens to freedom of information.” In this regard, the project lawyers will seek “from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor’s office to thoroughly check the decisions taken and punish the perpetrators”.

“All affected users and entrepreneurs have the right to defend their rights and handle such claims. This is their constitutional right to defend against unlawful actions of those officials who appear to want to completely destroy the Russian Internet, “Darbinyan said.

Users can either submit their application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs themselves or prepare a collective complaint, the announcement says. The lawyers of the project ask to send scans of statements to Roskosvobodu so that they can monitor and consolidate all complaints. They also offer users to measure how providers restrict access to legitimate sites.

Last week, the human rights organization Agora announced that it intends to appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the ECHR with a request to verify the legality of Roskomnadzor’s actions in connection with the restriction of access to Telegram’s messenger. “Agora” protects the interests of companies affected by the blocking agency. According to the head of the “Agora” Pavel Chikov, the hotline to the lawyers of the organization turned 150 Internet services, which asked for help.

Also on Tuesday, the director of the sports Internet portal Dmitry Navosha said that Roskomnadzor blocked the standard font of Google, which is used by many popular resources in the Russian segment of the Internet, including the portal Sports.en. Because of this, the site crashed.

ILV yesterday banned font on @sportsru; we use one of the standard Google, and yesterday under the ban hit I had to urgently postpone everything else and transfer the fonts to myself.

Font! I am not kidding. And it’s not funny anymore.

– Dmitry Navosha (@navosha) April 24, 2018

Roskomnadzor since April 16 tries to block Telegram on the territory of Russia. The messenger continues to work, however, unrelated sites have suffered, for example, Google’s subnet and Amazon, Viber’s messenger.

NAC: In Dagestan

9 militants liquidated in Dagestan during the counterterrorist operation on April 21. This was reported in the National anti-terrorist Committee.

“In the course of those in Dagestan, the neutralized nine bands,” – noted in the NAC.

According to intelligence, the bandits were going to “make diversionary-terrorist acts on may holidays”.

NAC: In Dagestan

During the fight, one officer wounded, among the civilian victims.

About the fight in Derbent became known today.

NAC: In Dagestan

Today, the FSB reported that the liquidated terrorists were preparing an attack on the government of Stavropol and local security officers.

At the Warsaw brutally slashed retiree

At the Warsaw brutally slashed retiree

On the Warsaw. Photo:

In St. Petersburg the police find out the circumstances of death of 60-year-old man. His body was found in the apartment of the house No. 63 on the Warsaw street.

As it became known "Moike78" the body was found the evening of 24 April. To the place of profit experts, they are fixed on the body of a pensioner multiple stab wounds all over the body.

We will remind that at night on April 23 in Murino between a woman and her lover had a quarrel. Before you start arguing, the young people drank.

Suspect arrested, victim in serious condition.