The Russians are returning from Finland on May 2, and traffic jams on the border are already beginning to form. The press service of the FS of the FSB in St. Petersburg "Fontanka" told that they are preparing to accept a large flow of cars to the MAPP "Cowberry", but so far the congestion is observed only on the Finnish side.

"According to some media reports, as of 14:20 at the checkpoint "Cowberry" to enter the RF the cars are waiting in line for three hours. At present there are no queues before the MIA, – the ministry said. – At the same time, there is information that at the checkpoint on the adjacent territory Finnish border guards hold up to 200 cars that plan to release simultaneously, which will create queues in front of the border crossing point "Cowberry" around 15:00".

The border guards added that they were ready for the influx of passengers.


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