On Pushkin square in Moscow there was a skirmish between protesters and their opponents, the correspondent of the Rain.

Those who provoked a fight, was taken by police.

“The media” writes that two or three young men attacked one of the supporters of Navalny. They struck him several blows.

On Pushkin square during the rally "we are not a king" was a fightPhoto: Rain

In Moscow began an inconsistent campaign, “It is not our king”, organized by supporters of Alexei Navalny and the inauguration of Vladimir Putin. Event to be held on Tverskaya street. On the Pushkin Square, NOD Evgeny Fedorov with the activists.

On the Pushkin square, Putin was on the soap. Also detained by the staff of Navalny, Nikolai Lyaskin.

Similar actions take place in other cities of Russia. According to “OVD-info”, they arrested a total of more than 200 people.


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