Norwegian writer prophesies Russia's disintegration

The Norwegian writer foretells Russia’s disintegration, although she does not know when this can happen. Her prediction was made by Eric Fatland after visiting countries neighboring with Russia. As a result of the trip, the 34-year-old writer concludes that Russians will always strive to expand their country and to return back territories that used to be included in it. About this, Fatland argues in the book “Frontier”, notes

Norway visited, in particular, Azerbaijan, Lithuania and Georgia, visited China and even the DPRK. Fatland writes that neighboring states tend to perceive Russia as their elder brother. Obstruction here is China at the expense of a more powerful economy compared to Russia. In an effort to expand, Russia, most likely, will not try to pay attention to the countries that are members of NATO, but other neighboring states may be afraid of this, the writer also notes. In her opinion, the Russian state suffers from inefficiency due to corruption manifestations and a weak economy. Scandinavian writer predicts that after a century the country’s borders will be significantly reduced, writes the “Free Press”.

Erica Fatland is engaged in social anthropology at the universities of Copenhagen and Oslo. In particular, she organized her field research in Russia.


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