Iranian Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Documents received by Israel, confirm the existence of the program “Amad” – secret nuclear weapons development

Netanyahu showed the secret "nuclear" IranBenjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Amir Cohen / Reuters)

Tehran is secretly carrying out work on nuclear weapons, told by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In proof of this he showed the secret part of “nuclear” Iran – the documents obtained by the Israeli intelligence, reports Haaretz.

About the data produced intelligence, Netanyahu said during a press conference shown on television. The Prime Minister of Israel recalled that the Iranian authorities had a nuclear deal. “Iran is lying” – says Netanyahu.

To confirm his words, he showed a presentation based on intelligence. According to Tel Aviv, after the nuclear deal, the Iranians have moved all of them in the secret of Darabad in Tehran, covering them from international inspectors. Netanyahu showed satellite images of the complex. The building complex Sarbajskoe Iran has a “nuclear files” is an array of information on the basis of which to continue nuclear research.

“A few weeks ago, as a result of complicated intelligence operations, Israel has extracted the materials from this complex,” said Netanyahu. Following this, the Prime Minister went to Cabinet, ukryta to this dense veil, tore it, and showed the audience a Cabinet full of document folders. According to Netanyahu, the intelligence was able to produce 55 thousand pages of secret documents and 183 CD-ROM with secret information. These data were taken to Israel and copied. All of this information, Netanyahu promised, would be provided by the UN and the IAEA.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, Israel now has evidence that Iran is working on nuclear weapons. The aim of Tehran was to create at least five nuclear warheads with a capacity of 10 kilotons of TNT. These warheads Tehran intends to place on ballistic missiles and test.

In 2015, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and China have signed a deal with Iran, involving the gradual lifting of sanctions against Tehran in exchange for abandonment of nuclear program. Iran was also required to allow IAEA inspectors to the nuclear facilities.

The US President, Donald, trump. In this respect, the American President threatened to withdraw from the nuclear deal. In response, on April 22, the foreign ministry of Iran stated that in the case of US withdrawal from the deal, Iran will continue the nuclear program at an accelerated pace.

Netanyahu showed the secret "nuclear" Iran

Photo: Personal page of Pavel Durov / Vkontakte


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