UN, on 26 April. / TASS /. Russia on Thursday did not respond to the accusations made by Ukraine at a meeting of the UN General Assembly on peacebuilding and preserving peace. Taking the floor, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the World Organization, Vasily Nebenzia, stated that "will not go down" before the polemics with those who use the UN rostrum for "political PR".

"The number and level of participants in this large event show a genuine interest in meeting the challenges facing the UN in the field of peacebuilding. It’s a pity that some delegations use this platform and the opportunity to be on it for political PR and unsubstantiated accusations. Let us not go down to polemics with them. Concentrate on the topic", the diplomat said.

According to him, Russia regards the UN assistance in building peace "as one of the most important tools in the organization’s arsenal to assist States in overcoming the consequences of conflicts and preventing their resumption". As Nebenzia said, Moscow is in favor of strengthening UN activities to prevent conflicts, believing that "It should be done in accordance with the Charter" organization. "It is important that even here the states themselves play a dominant role, from the decisions of which the parameters of international support depend, if it is at all necessary", – the RF Permanent Representative stressed.

He agreed that the prevention of conflicts "better treatment", but called for "correct diagnosis" and choose "correct methods". "Otherwise, treatment may be worse than illness", he warned, adding that "each conflict has its own unique set of causes". According to the diplomat, "Templates or universal indicators of potential crises can be misused, and, therefore, it can only harm".

Discussion of the theme of peacekeeping this week is parallel in the General Assembly and the UN Security Council and will end with the adoption of separate resolutions in two key structures of the world organization. The documents are expected to express support for the reform of UN peace-building activities initiated by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. He suggests that more attention be given to efforts to prevent conflicts than to respond to them.

On Tuesday, at the meeting of the General Assembly, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislitsa spoke, who devoted most of his nine-minute speech to accusations against Russia. In particular, he tried to impose on Moscow responsibility not only for what is happening in Ukraine, but also for crises in Syria and other parts of the world. He also criticized the UN for the fact that in 2014, when the crisis in Ukraine broke out, it could not "to stop the military aggression of Russia, the occupation of the Crimea and Donbas".


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