A deadly accident happened on the evening of April 26 at the 8th kilometer of the Ulyanovka-Otradnoye road in the Tosno District of the Leningrad Region.

As the “Driver of St. Petersburg” reports with reference to the Department of Propaganda of the UGIBDD for the city and the region, according to a preliminary version, the gasoline truck caught fire and he stopped. The driver of the minibus in a smoke-free environment was driving around the gasoline truck and jumped out into the oncoming lane where he collided with a passenger car.

The driver of the car, a man of about 60 years old, died on the spot. On the fact of road accident the check is carried out.

The photographs published by the publication show that the machine is crumpled, like a lump of paper. The bus damage is less significant. Eyewitnesses also recorded the smoking wheel of a gasoline tanker and told the details of the accident.


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