Aleksei Navalny refused to hold a rally on May 5 on Sakharov Avenue in the vicinity of Masha Poryvaeva Street, as proposed by the Moscow City Hall.

According to the politician, the city authorities agreed to hold a procession outside the Garden Ring and with a route of 350 meters.

“We sent a letter to the mayor’s office that their” reconciliation “is a provocation and violation of our rights. Any compromises can be around the sites in the city center, “Navalny wrote on Twitter.

He added that he intends to hold a rally on Tverskaya, as planned.

Aleksei Navalny applied for a march and rally on May 5 on Tverskaya Street and Manezhnaya Square, specifying that his supporters “are ready to consider [other] acceptable options in the city center.”

The mayor’s office denied Navalny of holding a rally on Tverskaya Street, offering a place on the outskirts of the city. In response, the politician said that he would still bring his supporters to the center.

After that, the mayor’s office announced its readiness to discuss the conduct of the action on Sakharov Avenue. On April 27, authorities announced that they had coordinated a march in the area of ​​Masha Poryvaeva Street, which is located outside the Garden Ring.

Supporters of Navalny are going to hold protest actions in several Russian cities on May 5, “He’s not our king”, timed to the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin, which will be held on May 7.

After the inauguration of Putin in 2012 on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow, an action was held, as a result of which more than 30 people were convicted under articles on riots and the use of violence against policemen.

Navalny refused to offer the mayor's office to postpone the May 5 action from Tverskaya to Sakharov Avenue

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