NASA has sent to Mars landing module in the mission InSightNASA InSight Lander vor dem Start zum Mars (picture-alliance/ NASA / B. Ingalls)

National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA) on Saturday, may 5, in the framework of the InSight mission launched to Mars lander. According to experts, he landed on the planet’s surface in late November.

Unlike the Curiosity Rover, the module is not designed for movement on the surface of Mars. According to experts, the unit will study the tectonic processes and the measurement of the heat flow. For this purpose, the German aerospace research center (DLR) developed a device is able to drill a well up to 5 meters deep.

Initial launch of the module was planned for the spring of 2016, but was postponed due to a problem with the seismograph. The cost of an exploratory mission is around € 650 million.

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