Rocket Atlas V 401 with NASA’s Mars lander InSight at 14:05 Moscow time, successfully launched from the spaceport Vandenberg in California. NASA: The launch was broadcast on the official channel of NASA Youtube.

Mars InSight to detach from the rocket 90 minutes after launch and flies 484 million km to the red planet. It is expected that the November 26 at 22:00 Moscow time the device will land on the upland of Elysium on Mars.

The last time NASA launched a vehicle on Mars in 2011, it was a Rover (which is still in effect on the Red planet in August 2012). The new device will sit about 600 km away from where Curiosity landed.

“This is the first robotic camera, which will study the internal structure of Mars, its crust, mantle and core”, – noted on the website space Agency. The study of the internal structure of Mars will help scientists answer questions about the formation of other rocky planets in the Solar system – mercury, Venus and Earth.

Mars InSight interested in the “pulse” and “temperature” of Mars: the unit will study tectonic activity and heat flow under the surface of the planet. The main tools module, high-sensitivity seismometer, developed by the French Center for space studies and the probe, is able to drill a 5 metre hole in the surface of Mars.

The mission of the unit will be in the middle of the earth, scientists hope to record from a few dozen to a hundred “earthquakes” on Mars.

Source: RBC


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