MTS disclosed the cost of buying an e-sports team

Cellular operator MTS in its accounts disclosed the amount of purchase of the gambling club Gambit Esports in December 2017. For the team acting in Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and FIFA, the operator paid 313 million rubles., The operator said.

Partners did not disclose the amount of the transaction, and its assessment was hampered by the youth and the opacity of the cybersport market. Prize Gambit Esports exceed $ 1 million, and only in 2017, it could earn up to $ 1.5 million, estimated a source close to the team.

The annual revenue of e-sports teams is estimated at millions of dollars, explained to “Vedomosti” the general director of the cyber-sport organization Roman Dvoryankin. Most of this money is the prize income, 80-90% of which are received by the players themselves. Therefore, the main funds that are invested in the development of the team, are revenues from sponsorship contracts, points out Dvoryankin.

MTS disclosed the cost of buying an e-sports teamMTS engaged in e-sports

Entering the e-sports market is in line with MTS’s strategy to develop digital product lines beyond traditional telecommunications services, the operator explains.

The operator is interested in a young and potentially solvent audience of cyber sportsmen. MTS plans to use the marketing capabilities of teams and tournaments with their participation, create products for eSports fans, promote the MTS brand through the advertising opportunities of Gambit Esports and offer sponsorship contracts to outside companies, the representative of MTS explained to Vedomosti. The operator also expects to receive part of the team’s income.


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