According to the artist Kathrin Nenasheva, there are two minor girls in custody who should be released after the arrival of their parents, “Interfax” reports.

As Nenasheva explained, activists, most of whom have psychiatric disorders, were detained for not conforming to the subject of the demonstration, despite the fact that the entrance to it was free for all. Their posters, she said, “were of an informative nature.”

On May 1, at the May Day demonstration in the center of Moscow, 25 people were detained from the column of “psychoactivists” who are fighting for the destigmatization of people with mental disorders.

Among the participants in the action were activists “with mental characteristics and mental disorders,” said one of the organizers, artist Katrin Nenasheva. Activists carried placards “I know my diagnosis. And you? “,” Bipolarochka “is not a fashion accessory. This is my diagnosis, “” We are more than it seems. “

“Psychoactivism” Natalia Budantseva

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