MOSCOW, April 25. / TASS /. Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights ombudsman in Russia, held a telephone conversation with her Armenian counterpart Arman Tatoyan on Wednesday, stressing the importance of respecting the rights of citizens in the current situation in the country. This is reported on the website of the Russian ombudsman.

Moskalkov: political processes in Armenia should not affect the rights of citizens

Sargsyan’s resignation, the triumph of the opposition: what you need to know about the protests in Armenia

"Human rights and freedoms are a value that is beyond politics. Only their scrupulous observance can lead to civil peace and prosperity. We are ready to provide our colleagues with any assistance not related to policy issues", – she stressed, noting that all political processes should be civilized and not affect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Moskalkova said she was following developments in the republic closely, and also noted Tatoyan’s work on protecting the rights of Armenian citizens, which indicates that "the degree of democracy in the country is unchanged". "People believe in you and your opportunities to find justice, truth and protect them from violations by officials", – added the commissioner.


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