More than 1,600 people were detained during protest actions in Russia

In Moscow the action began at 13 o’clock on Pushkin square. The Pro-Kremlin organization “GCD”, which is known, in particular, due to the attacks on the participants in demonstrations against the war in Ukraine. With them, in the middle of the world, with red flags and posters with slogans for the Soviet Union. Next the men in Cossack clothes, with whips. Just as the beginning of the action in the square were thousands of people. On Pushkin sounded the slogans of both supporters and opponents of Putin.

At first the police were relatively few, when compared with the same past performances of the opposition. There were reports of clashes between the Pro-Kremlin activists and people on the square, which were then supplemented by the stories that the “Cossacks” beating suspected protesters with whips.

Meanwhile intensified and the police. First, the crowd began to run so-called “group arrests”. Alexey Navalny, who initiated the protests. People were taken in police buses.

Later, people began to move from Pushkinskaya square to Tverskaya street and the surrounding streets. One of the columns in the left side of the Kremlin’s Pro-Putin activists, however, the police soon blocked the passage to the center. Large groups of protesters dispersed across the district.

One tense moment was the overlap of Strastnoy Boulevard. The protesters staged on the roadway “sit-in”, like the one conducted in 2012, the participants in the “March of millions”.

Some of the detainees in Moscow were insane in the act, and were ordinary passers-by.

Journalists covering the event and human rights activists reported about the detention of minors. It is understood that in some cases they use force and special means. “Human rights activists accuse the police of violating the” Law on Police “.

Representatives of the “joint group of public observation” (OGON), and many eyewitnesses reported about beating of protesters. On the boulevards, at some point, the riot police began to actively use batons to disperse the people. At least one victim required Ambulance.

In St. Petersburg on the eve of the rally of opponents of the President, the police blocked the Palace square, where they had to meet the opposition. The protesters eventually went through the March through the city.

In stock in St. Petersburg was attended by several thousand people. The police blocked the Nevsky Prospekt, which eventually became the main arena of confrontation. During the protests, the demonstrators broke through the fence, and then began to use them for the construction of the fence.

In St. Petersburg were detained, according to various estimates, up to 200 people. In some cases, according to eyewitnesses, the police are used batons to disperse the protesters.


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