"More harm than good": British scientists on screening for breast cancer

Routine breast examination to detect breast cancer.

According to the newspaper Times a group of 15 doctors, women who missed their regular screening should not panic, but health workers do not have to intimidate women.

This open letter was published on the wave in the United States of America.

In the United Kingdom, under the National Health Service offers mammography every three years to all women aged 50 to 70 years.

Charitable organization for the fight against breast cancer, argue that such screening offers women the best chance of early detection of the tumor.

"No difference"

In his letter to the newspaper, a group of scientists and family practitioners say, in particular, women aged 70 to 79 years who were offered screening, to make up for the breast or any other symptom.

"The best advice in this case is to look a gift horse in the mouth. The screening of the mammary glands, most does not have unintended harm. – Many women and doctors now avoid screening of the mammary glands.".

According to them, the assertion that such screening helps to save lives.

In addition, according to specialists, screening does not prevent the development of the most dangerous and incurable forms of cancer.

"Paradoxically, reveal some deviations, which under the microscope look like cancer (before he appeared), it may be too early and unnecessary"- said in a published letter.

Among the signatories to the letter from Professor Susan Bewley, a specialist in women’s diseases, King’s College London, and Professor Michael Baum, a surgeon at University College London.

Earlier last week it became known that in the course of death, breast cancer, 270 women.

The Ministry of Health of England said that 309,000 women invitations to missed mammograms.

"Two sides of the coin"

According to the National Health Service, a program of regular breast screening helps save one life for every 200 women – a total of about 1,200 per year.

However, approximately three in every 200 women screened, identify cancerous cells that would never develop into a deadly form of cancer.

However, as we consider the head of the department of research and community relations for the sake of charity Breast Cancer Fiona Hazell, absolutely correctly, that the British Ministry of Health encourages women to undergo mammography, which was not done in time.

She notes that "the screening program proceeds to offer women the best chance to detect breast cancer at an early, more treatable, stages, which increases the likelihood of a successful outcome".

"More harm than good": British scientists on screening for breast cancer

This opinion is shared by the Director of another organization, Breast Cancer Care, Emma Pennery. According to her, the screening of the mammary glands "the best way" detecting early stage breast cancer. However, she recognizes that "there are two sides to the coin, and it is believed that every life has been saved, three women have received an unnecessary treatment".

"But it is very important that every woman of a certain age has had the opportunity to be screened and would receive all the information about the pros and cons"- added Penneri.

At the same time, Sarah Heim from Cancer Research "the damage from errors is likely to be much lower than can be forecasted in the worst case scenario".

"The screening has disadvantages as well as the advantages of lifespan"- said the expert.

"Not bad to remember that 72% of the cases of breast cancer diagnosed"- said Sarah Heim from Cancer Research UK.

According to the organization, every year in Britain, more than 11,000 people die from breast cancer.


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