Anatoly gave a comment on this matter.

Meshcheryakov commented on the possible extension of the contract with Semin


Recently there was information that the leadership of the Moscow “Locomotive” is going to extend the contract with the head coach Yuri Semin. The chairman of the board of directors of the club, Anatoly Meshcheryakov, commented on this.

“The decision to extend the contract with the head coach is taken by the club, and not by the board of directors. But I repeatedly said that the club, and therefore the head coach, did all the tasks that the board of directors set before them. That is why the extension of the contract is a logical story. The fulfillment of the tasks that Lokomotiv faced was the achievement of the leadership, the head coach and all the employees of the club. But this does not mean that we have stopped at what has been achieved. “Loco” will make every effort to surprise many more, “- quotes Mescheryakova Sport24.

Author: Arthur Petrov


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