The velvet revolution in Yerevan did not end. In the morning of April 25, the meeting between the opposition leader Pashinyan and the acting president broke off. Prime Minister Karapetyan. The leader of the street called to continue the protest.

MP Nikol Pashinyan, the initiator and leader of the My Step movement, insists after 12 days of thousands of processions and the resignation of former Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan on getting full power from the ruling Republican Party of Armenia. However, the former Deputy Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, who assumed the obligations of the Prime Minister, refuses to engage in dialogue with this agenda. He is convinced that, before the early elections, the government, according to the Constitution, must concentrate in the hands of the government.

On Wednesday, April 25, hundreds of thousands of people came to the streets in the cities of Armenia – already demanding the resignation of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA). The largest Armenian parties (“Prosperous Armenia”, “Enlightened Armenia”, “Country of Law”, Social-Democratic Party Hnchakyan) announced their adherence to the popular movement. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun (ARFD) also ceased to participate in the ruling coalition.

Nikol Pashinyan may become prime minister the other day

Faction “Elk” (“Exit”), which consists of Nikol Pashinyan, in the evening of April 25, nominated him as a candidate for prime ministers. The Prosperous Armenia Party, which has the most numerous opposition faction in the parliament, will vote for Pashinyan. It was stated at the afternoon rally that the ruling RPA can come to a consensus and vote for Pashinyan. Today, former Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan, who remains chairman of the RPA, invited the faction members to a dialogue. It is expected that he will resign from the post of party leader.

Information trolling in action

In the middle of the day in social networks, there was unofficial information that the acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan allegedly resigned. Then they began to say that his plane had just left Armenia. Soon there was a refutation of both information. But all this created an atmosphere of general expectation.

Nevertheless, Karen Karapetyan and the RPA are trying to keep the process within the framework of constitutional procedures, offering early elections and constitutional decisions. However, as noted by the Armenian political scientist Aghasi Yenokyan, revolutionaries are not at all obliged to reckon with the Constitution, and their area is a legitimate tool. He believes that leader Pashinyan should be demanded precisely from these positions, having a vote of confidence of the masses, so as not to appear in a constitutional trap.

To get a “mandate” for constitutional and parliamentary “razrulivanie”, Karen Karapetyan met with the ambassadors of the EU and the US (by the way, Russia does not yet have an ambassador in Armenia, more precisely, he was appointed, but he did not officially take office).

After the meeting with US Ambassador Richard Mills on the website of the Armenian government, the information appeared, according to which the ambassador allegedly said that he “understands: the issue should be resolved within the framework of the Constitution, and the prime minister should be elected not in the street, but in parliament.” Soon this paragraph was removed from the information on the site. The US Embassy in Armenia also issued a refutation.

The trolling had failed. It became clear that the constitutional path is not regarded as the only possible one.

Who is Karen Karapetyan: Gazprommich in a vest

Karen Karapetyan in Armenia is called behind Gazprommachi. And for the fact that he dresses very elegantly and changes his waistcoats like gloves, he is often called a “man-vest”.

For many years he worked in responsible positions in the structures of Gazprom in Moscow. Between the case, during the year in 2010-11, he was mayor of Yerevan, then returned to Gazprom again. In 2016, after the Sasna Tsrer mutiny, he was appointed Prime Minister of Armenia in Yerevan.

Karen Karapetyan is considered a protege of the Russian billionaire of Armenian origin, the owner of the “Tashir” group Samvel Karapetyan. In the Russian rating of “kings of real estate” Samvel Karapetyan takes the third place with 3.7 billion of capital.

On April 23, a few hours before Serge Sargsyan resigned, Karen Karapetyan suddenly stepped out of the shadow, assumed the obligations of the prime minister and the reins of government.

On April 24, he met with the siloviki, convened the National Security Council, trying to bring the process back to the constitutional track. There are rumors in Armenia that Gazprom and Samvel Karepetyan skillfully took advantage of the general popular upsurge in Armenia. However, as Nikol Pashinyan said, “we will not allow the RPA, after sacrificing Serge Sargsyan, to retain power.”

The Armenian Revolution has its memes and family histories

Speaking from the rostrum of the rally, the young demonstrator several times addressed his wife: “Ira, today I will not come home at night”. At the rally he is called “Ira’s husband”. Then the demonstrators found Ira herself. Their family became a meme of manifestations.

There was also a police officer Ashot, whose grandmother was on the side of the demonstrators, and he was in the police cordon. “Ashot, come to us,” my grandmother called. Ashot also found the network users.

There is another interesting meme. On one of the street processions, the woman was walking with a three-year-old boy, and the marchers took him by turns in turn. Then he fell asleep on the shoulders of a man, and the whole procession stopped chanting that the boy slept peacefully.

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