Meeting Kim and Trump can take place in the next monthNordkorea-Krise Trump und Kim Jong Un (picture alliance / Ahn Young-Joon / AP / dpa)

Meeting US President Donald Trump and the head of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un can take place within three to four weeks. This was stated by Trump himself on Sunday, April 29. At the same time, he stressed that the summit does not want a summit "speculate". "What will be, it will be"- said Trump, criticized the former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who, in the opinion of the current US president, signed "horrible deal with Iran".

This will "very important meeting", believes Trump. In addition, according to him, in this way the world will be made "a very big favor". South Korea recognizes that success in preparing for a peaceful resolution of the conflict on the Korean peninsula made through the United States, the US president added.

The newly appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported that Kim Jong-un wants him during the visit of US policy in Pyongyang, said Foreign Minister glva .. Complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is one of the stated objectives of the Government Trump.

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