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Medvedeva left Tutberidze. It looks like it's the end of a career

Still, it’s true.

The best coach and main figure skater of recent years is no longer together. This happened so casually and indifferently, as if there were not 10 years of hard labor near.

The first rumors about their parting crawled right after the Olympics – a tournament that will pursue Medvedev all his life. No matter how much Zhenya would convince everyone and especially herself, that defeat is not a catastrophe.

“Do not invent what is not. Do business! Leave me alone and my coach. We continue to work, “Medvedev snapped at the journalists.

And in fact they believed her. Medvedev so often repeated about the special relationship with the coach, emotional attachment, mutual understanding and family atmosphere in training, that even the thought of parting seemed insane. It turned out that feelings in sports do not guarantee anything, and even vice versa – when they do not stand the test of time, there are no other connections between the coach and the athlete.

But the reasons for the gap was not only at first glance.

Only Medvedev knows how unpleasant it is to share the attention, previously focused on you, with someone who is considered even more talented.

How hard it is to go out on one training ice with a girl who will beat you soon. And then again. And further. And now always. Share the cloakroom with her. To be friends or even just to make friends.

Medvedeva left Tutberidze. It looks like it's the end of a career

How unbearable to choose words, explaining where the defeats came from. To make impossible promises. Seek excuses.

Four years ago this was already. Then Medvedev looked at this unfair world from the other side and hardly understood what was happening.

That finale in the relationship between Tutberidze and Yulia Lipnitskaya seemed a personal story of a capricious figure skater, which could be explained by anything – childish emotions, complicated character, overestimated self-esteem, family pressure.

When the same scene was repeated one on one, the suspicion crept up that it was not only the self-loving and often ungrateful pupils. Probably, responsibility should be divided in half.

Eteri Tutberidze is the most enigmatic trainer in modern figure skating. A woman who keeps everyone, except for close ones, at a distance of a nuclear explosion. And those few, it seems, allow only on official necessity.

Medvedeva left Tutberidze. It looks like it's the end of a career

She, who would argue, an ingenious specialist who drives students into school, implants them under the skin with space-complicated jumps and achieves their stable performance. No one in the world is doing it better now.

But with one caveat: Tutberidze is a children’s coach.

– she does not know how to build relationships with grown-up students;

– does not understand what to teach when the last textbook is passed;

– Not ready for the weaknesses that are inevitable in the past puberty skaters.

In general, Eteri can be understood – the queue to her now is so long that the latter in it is certainly more promising than the first. And this model was designed by Tutberidze herself – an intolerable competition that forces figure skaters from the past to vacate the place for possible future stars, is inherent in it from the very beginning.

Yes, she created an impeccable conveyor on the ice of the “Crystal”. But I never thought about the fact that the training of the main stars can be diluted even if only in time. I did not try at least for a couple of hours to give all the care to one student, splitting her in different portions for each. I thought that it was enough for them. Most likely, I am sure of this even now.

Medvedev, probably, it just stopped happening.

We will never tell the whole truth about this sad history. Not the truth where there are right and guilty, but real – at what point a breakdown occurred, after which one realized that it can not be near the person who taught everything, and the second did not do everything for the sake of saving the once-beloved figure skater.

And it is not so important, this truth.

Medvedeva left Tutberidze. It looks like it's the end of a career

It’s a pity, but everything that happens to Medvedev after the Olympics is very similar to the end of his career. Refusal from the World Cup in the season, where not a single serious title has been won. Appearance in the television show, where usually do not return. Touring instead of training. Averbukh, Orser, a possible transition to Armenia, Canada or somewhere else.

Of course, this end may drag on. In the end, even the Olympic champion Sochi Adeline Sotnikova has not yet left officially, although she used less complicated schemes.

But now someone, and Medvedev deserved the right to complete a career in any way that he deems fit.

With any coach. And under any flag.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pesnya (1,3), Cyril Kallinikov; David G. Mcintyre


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