Medvedev invited Obama to look at the "shreds" from the Russian economyIn Russia, they began to fine for leaving to crossroads with a new type of marking

The authorities did not receive “any signals” from the owners of the company that they would prefer to nationalize it, the press secretary of Vladimir Putin explained to journalists

Medvedev invited Obama to look at the "shreds" from the Russian economy

Photo: Alexander Zemlyanichenko / Bloomberg

In the Kremlin, they consider the option of nationalization of the “Rusal”, which got under US sanctions, said Dmitry Peskov, presidential spokesman, RBC correspondent reports. “As for nationalization, we have not seen or heard the desire of the owners to follow the path of nationalization. In this case, you need to focus not only on the state, but also on the owners themselves, “he added.

Putin’s spokesman also noted that various options for supporting companies that fall under US sanctions are being considered by governments. But there are no “concrete solutions” yet, he added.

On April 18, the head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, Mikhail Shmakov, advocated the nationalization of UC Rusal. According to him, the state needs to buy out the company at the lowest price and turn it into a “state investment project”.

The government will create a structure to support companies that have fallen under US sanctions, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said April 20. He also said that “a number of companies” from among those who were under sanctions had already requested assistance in the form of liquidity. The minister also said that there are no plans to nationalize Rusal. At the same time, he admitted that in the case of other enterprises this option could be considered. “As a principle of support, we can probably consider nationalization for some symbolic sum, in order to preserve production, labor collective and so on. In general, can be considered if the owners are under sanctions, “- said then the official.

On April 27, Oleg Deripaska decided to reduce his stake in En + (the largest shareholder of UC Rusal) to below 50%, and he also announced that he would leave the company’s board of directors. UC Rusal and Deripaska fell into the sanctions list, which the US Treasury updated April 6.


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