Mayday - the history of the holiday

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May 1, 1886 Chicago workers organized a strike and a demonstration demanding the 8-hour working day. Clashes with police and casualties among the demonstrators. Three years later, in July 1889 Paris Congress of the 2nd International was made the decision to celebrate the “day of solidarity of workers around the world” to commemorate the Chicago workers strike.

Mayday - the history of the holiday

The Paris Congress is shown that during the may one of the workers in the all the countries to protest and to present to the needs of the authorities.

Next year may be in many countries of Europe – in Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, USA, Norway, France and Sweden.

In the Russian Empire, the day was the first marked in 1890, the 10-strong strike of workers of Warsaw. May 1, 1891, the social democratic group of Mikhail Brusnev organized the first festive gathering of the workers in Petrograd. In 1917 the holiday was marked for the first time. And on the 1918 may day was an official holiday.

In our days in Spain, in the Scandinavia as “the Day of the Cuckoo”, the Netherlands is the Tulip festival in France. “The Holiday of spring and labor.”

Mayday - the history of the holiday


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