MOSCOW, April 27. / TASS /. Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considers it necessary to strengthen the responsibility for violating the terms for the provision of information by officials on the request of senators and deputies. She stated this in an interview "Parliamentary Newspaper", published on the website of the publication on Friday.

Matvienko proposes to strengthen the punishment for late responses to the requests of parliamentarians

"An urgent issue is raising the status of the parliamentary request and requesting a member of the Federation Council. Currently, liability is provided in the form of a fine of 1 to 2 thousand rubles for non-compliance by the official with fixed terms for providing information to a member of the Federation Council or to a deputy of the State Duma – this amount is less than for violation of the procedure for considering citizens’ appeals", – Matvienko said in an interview published on the Day of Russian Parliamentarism, which is celebrated on Friday.

In her opinion, such a situation is not normal, since a senator or a deputy expresses the political will of tens of thousands of citizens and even entire regions. "We believe that the responsibility for violations with regard to the requests of parliamentarians should be strengthened", – the Speaker of the Federation Council noted.

Speaking in general about Russian laws related to the activities of parliamentarians, Matvienko noted that senators do not see the need for radical changes in this segment of legislation, but the need for it "adjustment" is felt. She said that the Council of the Federation Council on Rules is now working on improving such an important instrument as parliamentary control. The senator recalled that the law passed five years ago significantly strengthened the powers of the chambers of the Federal Assembly in this sphere, including with regard to monitoring the timely adoption by the Russian government of by-laws. "However, there is still a backlog, which negatively affects the effectiveness of the application of the adopted laws. We consider, without entering "point" changes in legislation on parliamentary control are indispensable", – the Speaker of the Federation Council said.

Matvienko considers it important that not only federal, but also regional parliaments can fully exercise their control powers with respect to the structures of the executive power. "We asked for information on the regulatory and legislative regulation and practice of parliamentary control in the subjects of the Russian Federation, and we analyze it. In the near future at the Council of Legislators we will discuss the issue of developing a model law regulating the control powers of the parliaments of the subjects of the Federation, its application to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the message of the President of the Russian Federation", – she said.

Matvienko proposes to strengthen the punishment for late responses to the requests of parliamentarians

Involvement of Russians in the process of improving the laws of the Russian Federation

In addition, according to the chairman of the upper house of parliament, it is important to involve citizens in the process of improving legislation and exercising parliamentary control, as well as to strengthen the interaction of senators and the population when discussing issues related to the development of regions.

"We see that the request for real participation in decision-making, their implementation by citizens is growing. We also see that the authorities are not always ready to respond adequately to this request. Meanwhile, in my opinion, parliamentarians, as representatives of the authorities, elected by the people, closely connected with it, have tools that allow them to see and solve problems that are especially worrisome for citizens in advance. And these opportunities should be actively used, including through "pressures" to the executive if it is late with decisions", – concluded Matvienko.


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