Massimo Carrera: "Spartacus" will not die without me or Pilipchuk. Roman made his choice, good luck to him "

Roman Pilipchuk in the company of the head coach of “Spartacus” Massimo Carrera (right) / Photo: Vasily Ponomarev / Edgar Breshchanov / Sportbox.en

The head coach of Spartak Massimo Carrera commented on the decision of his assistant Roman Pilipchuk through the media to announce the resignation of the team following the season.

– On the subject of gratitude to Pilipchuk for everyone, feed me – you need to ask him. He began to work for Spartak, and not with me. Maybe he wants to pursue his own career. I wish him good luck. This farewell is not very nice not only for me, but also for the club. But after the departure of Pilipchuk or my “Spartacus” will not die. The most important thing is Spartak. Pilipchuk made his choice. I wish him good luck.


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