Most likely, Roberto will leave the “Zenith” at the end of the season.

Mancini answered the question of possible resignation

FC Zenit

Roberto Mancini, head coach of the St. Petersburg “Zenith”, answered a question related to his foreseeable future. As you know, Mancini vengeance woo in the camp of the national team of Italy. Today, “Zenith” lost at the exit to the capital “Lokomotiv” and struck another blow to his ligochempionskimi ambitions.

“I congratulate Lokomotiv on winning the championship. We were not satisfied with the draw, so in the end it was important to wrest victory. But we opened and missed the goal.

Will I resign? The question does not matter, you need to wait for the ending of the championship, “- Mancini’s words “Championship”.

Author: Alexey Stolyarenko


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