Who else will say that the hyphae die?

"Man City" - the best in the world for gifkam. They collect 60 million viewsMillions of views from the usual club shooting: gifki work smartly

Before the start of the season-2016/17 “Manchester City” took not only a new coach, but also added qualities in the smm department. The club started an account on Giphy.com – A service that helps create and distribute hyphae.

The gifki themselves need “City”, like any other club, to entertain their audience and involve a new one. Giphy.com is convenient because the animation from this service is easily integrated into tweets, posts on facebook and even in tinder, and is conveniently stored on the official giphy page.com/ mcfc – with the help of tags you can easily find an episode with a specific hero or the right emotion.

“City” does not load everything there, only potentially hit points: since June 2016, 411 hyphas have been published, they have collected a total of 253.3 million views. And does not slow down: for the first year and a half, “City” laid out about 300 gyfik (160 million views), and from February to April 2018 – another 100. The average visibility of one hypha rose to 600 thousand, the total number of views for this segment – on 90 million views.

With a huge margin the best gifka in the history of the project – this couple of seconds with the Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus. “City” posted it on April 9, for two weeks it has collected more than 60 million views. It is almost impossible to track how exactly this number was accumulated. First of all, it is because of the fact that Giphy hyphae.com it is very convenient to ship anywhere, including personal messages in instant messengers.

"Man City" - the best in the world for gifkam. They collect 60 million views

In the top 5, except the smile of Jesus, includes the annihilating look of Pep Guardiola (15 million), the insane joy of the young curly fan City (13.8 million), the amusing facial expressions of Willie Caballero (8.5 million) and the contagious laugh of Fernando (8 , 5 million).

On gifkah it is difficult to earn directly: such experience is not present neither at “City”, nor at competitors. Although with such indicators as the champion of the Premier League-2017/18, it is not difficult to imagine a commercial hyph project in the near future. Or a commercial company that will become the official GIF partner of the English top club.

Episodes for gifok – everywhere. But “City” also creates them himself

Most often the source of gifok – frames of club photoshoots or video shootings, fragments of television broadcasts and episodes from the club channel. For example, Caballero with a sign “me” in his hands – from here. Periodically for cutting, use vertical videos from instagram (Alexander Zinchenko – a reliable content provider), sometimes create animation or specially supplement the frames with visual effects to finish the episode to something viral.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

Harvested “City” gifko, for example, congratulated the Asian audience with the Chinese New Year in February 2018 (420 thousand views). And the famous Irish illustrator Dan Leidon, the club ordered individual animated drawings for pre-known or possible occasions. For example, the animation of Leydon “City” in April 2016, celebrated the first ever history of the semi-finals of the Champions League and the achievement of 4 million subscribers on Twitter in April 2017 (124 thousand views).

"Man City" - the best in the world for gifkam. They collect 60 million views

“When Manchester City played in the quarter-final with PSG, we worked together with the creative team of the club to select the brightest moments for GIF images,” Dan Leidon says in an interview Sports.en. – This is very hard work, for all nine hyphae I had no more than a couple of days. Honestly, I do not even know exactly how they learned about me in the City. I’m active in social networks since 2011, I often post my work – I think someone from the club, who then invited me to work for them, just fell for me. The cooperation turned out to be steep, very productive.

– You also worked with Juventus, Los Angeles Galaxy, ESPN, BT Sport – the list of clients is impressive.

– More often my projects are drawings for prints about sports, but recently there are more animations for social networks and television. Sometimes finding a suitable form for gypsy is a headache, but first of all I try to add some surprise. For example, the night “Camp Nou” (part of the gif-keyboard – approx. Sports.ru): at first people might think that this is just a city in the evening, and then the stadium appears – it looks like a bonus. Clubs or media attract me already when there is a specific project, I usually do not accept participation in the development of ideas.

For the “City” other top clubs are chasing. “Bavaria” and “Arsenal” is already in the business

“Manchester City” was not the first football partner of Giphy.com, even earlier, the official accounts there have brought several MLS clubs, among them – “New York City”, which is part of the family created by the Sheikh “City”.

Later, his channel appeared at Liverpool (523 gifki, 223 million views). The most popular content is the players’ emotions after the goals scored and funny episodes cut from other videos. In this case, “City” pays much attention to all players and the women’s team, and “Liverpool” is more likely to lay out historical goals and – which is logical – concentrates on the expression of Jurgen Klopp.

"Man City" - the best in the world for gifkam. They collect 60 million views

In February, London Arsenal joined the service, it became the fifth English club here – after two leaders of the Premier League segment and Everton with Southampton.

At Giphy.com there is also a competitor – the company Tenor, it creates a gif-keyboard for iOS, Facebook, WhatsApp and other messengers: this is a function when a user can respond to a message not in words, but at once with pictures with a certain meaning. Tenor specializes in the convenience of gifok for mobile devices, in March 2018 the project entered the structure of Google. “Bayern” uses both Giphy, and Tenor at the same time: in the first case it is a constantly updated collection (1.2 thousand hyphas, 391 million views), in the second – a set of hyphas that can be downloaded on the site Tenor.com.

Giphy will earn billions – so they say in America

The service itself Giphy.com there are five years, it grew rapidly, and in November 2016 it received 72 million dollars of investment from a venture fund from Silicon Valley. In the Fast Fast Company, American magazine about the progressive business, Giphy is called a company that can earn billions in six seconds.

Six seconds – the classical duration of one gifki, huge money – a consequence of popularity and mass use, including by other organizations, which it is important to reach the audience and cause people’s emotions.

For example, the organizers of the Emmy-2017 ceremony invited the Giphy team to make the gifki of the brightest moments in live mode. The best – with the emotional eyes of actress Anna Klamsky – was viewed 13 million times a week.

"Man City" - the best in the world for gifkam. They collect 60 million viewsSimilarly, the figures of the gifoc “City” are seen in other clubs.

“Arsenal” is the most attractive and involves a young digital audience. How?

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