The well-known Russian musician Andrei Makarevich again called Crimea “occupied” and refused to come there for concerts even with the permission of the Kiev authorities.

He stated this on the air of the television channel RTVi, the correspondent of “Political Navigator” reports.

According to the musician, over the past four years his attitude towards the Crimea has not changed.

Makarevich declared part of Russia occupied

“I did not relent and became tougher. I believe that in today’s world, and in any world, an obligatory condition for its stability is international agreements that must be respected. If all of them rush to not comply, then, then the devil knows what. A conversation on the topic “Ah, Americans can, so we can also – it’s a bad conversation.” It turns out that if someone steals, then we will also steal. And this is not a position, “Makarevich said.

Makarevich also added that he would not have gone to the Crimea, even if the Ukrainian authorities had given their permission.

“No. I do not want to go there. I consider this territory occupied, “the musician said.


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