Macron urged Europe and the US to build the world order of the 21st centuryEmmanuel Macron in the US Congress

French President Emmanuelle Macron urged the US to abandon nationalism and maintain a commitment to the ideals of cooperation in the face of threats such as terrorism and other challenges.

"I do not share the feelings of those who are fascinated by the new powerful powers, the rejection of freedom and the illusion of nationalism. We can choose isolationism, withdrawal into ourselves and nationalism – this is one of the options. It can seem to us seductive as a temporary medicine for our fears. But, slamming the door to peace, we will not stop the evolution of the world", – said Makron, giving a speech in the US Congress on Wednesday, April 25.

Importance of multilateral approach

Having stated that France and the United States share common values, the French president called on the United States and Europe to jointly build the world order of the 21st century. He pointed to the importance of a multilateral approach to solving global problems, stressing that for success in this area, US assistance is needed. Emmanuelle Macron also noted that in such critical times it is necessary to protect such institutions as NATO and the UN.

Touching upon Iran’s nuclear program, Macron said that Tehran should not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. At the same time, he cautioned: "Our policy towards Iran should not lead to a war in the Middle East". Against the backdrop of threats by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran, the French president said that one should not abandon this document without first getting something more substantial.

Free trade and climate protection

Emmanuelle Macron expressed the opinion that in the context of globalization, the world should turn away the ideas of large-scale deregulation and extreme nationalism. He said he believes in free and fair trade, noting that trade wars are destroying jobs, for which the middle class will have to pay.

Makron stressed the importance of protecting the earth’s climate, warning that pollution of the seas, unrestricted release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and destruction of the diversity of fauna and flora destroy the Earth. We do not have "Planets B", the French president pointed out.

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