Macron said he wants a "Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of France Emmanuel macron. Archive photo

PARIS, may 6 – RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. The President of France Emmanuel macron in an interview with the French newspaper Journal du dimanche said that he would like like "historical andicular relations" with Vladimir Putin.

Macron said he wants a "

Macron said that he "match for Putin", the media reported

The French leader said he intends "to join Russia with Europe and not to give".

"Vladimir Putin wants to return Russia to its greatness. <…> For me Russia is part of Europe, even Russia almost never knew the democracy in which we live"- said the President of France.

The macron said that he would remain inflexible on the issues of intervention in the Affairs of the country. "We will not allow such attempts to take place. With this attitude you can gain someone’s respect. Russian propaganda has lowered our intensity, and our individual relations on Syria was allowed to convey messages to the Syrian regime"Said the head of the French Republic.

Over the past two years, a number of Western politicians, including us, senators and congressmen, as well as the Macron. Russian officials said that such statements are unfounded.


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