Macron's visit to Australia: difficulties in translation

Gratitude on behalf of France to the soldiers of the joint Australian and New Zealand Army Expeditionary Corps (ANZAC) was expressed on Wednesday by the head of the French Republic at a ceremony in Sydney. In a three-day visit to Australia, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the soldiers of the corps who died on the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars.

"Ten years after the ANZAC soldiers left the world, “said Macron at the ceremony,” after another war tore the European unity to shreds, the children of the French department of Somma continued to play among the monuments, cemeteries and countless tracks left in Europe by the Australian soldiers . I was one of them and I know how much my country owes you. Thank you!"

In the presence of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, veterans and schoolchildren of the two countries, the President of France awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor to three Australian participants in the Second World War, the eldest one being 101 years old.

In the program of Macron’s visit to Australia not only memorable ceremonies were listed. The parties signed a number of agreements, including in the field of cybersecurity and armaments. France, which ranks 6th in the world in military spending (according to the just published report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), supplied in Australia 12 submarines of a new generation in 2016. Official Paris and Canberra also expressed their readiness to further promote "the Indo-Pacific strategy".

Well, on social networks, Macron’s visit to Australia provoked a violent reaction after he, wanting to compliment his wife Turnbull, called her "tasty" (delicious), having in mind, apparently, "charming". Most users are convinced that the French president used the English word as a tracing paper from French.


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