Inter coach Inter Milan Luciano Spalletti spoke about the team’s mood for the upcoming match against Juventus.

“Most of all, I am encouraged by the growth that the team has achieved. During this period, we have learned to overcome our weaknesses.

We are full of enthusiasm and ready to compete in the end of the season for a place in the Champions League. This is an ambitious goal, it is important for the club and its history to return to European competition.

“Juventus” is able to adapt and always finds a way out of difficult situations in various matches. Allegri clearly knows how to do so, that his players realize and demonstrate their talents and strong qualities. In addition, he is great in reading the game.

Did something change their defeat from the “Napoli”? In my opinion, nothing has changed. I do not know how Allegri communicates in the locker room, but if they are pissed off with this defeat, then we are generally furious, because in the last 7 years we have not won anything, “Spalletti said.


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