The Romans had a good meeting.

"Liverpool" lost to "Roma", but reached the final of the Champions League

In Rome, the return semifinal match of the Champions League between “Roma” and “Liverpool”. The Reds had a comfortable advantage, obtained in the first fight – 5: 2. Eusebio Di Francesco’s charges began to attack from the first minutes. But the guests caught the opponent on error.

At 9 minutes in the center of the field played unsuccessfully Raja Nainggolan. “Liverpool” had a quick attack. Roberto Firmino performed a timely transfer to Man. Sadio defeated Alisson in a duel and brought forward the guests. Then the Merseyside club conducted another dangerous attack.

“Jalolossey” quickly came to their senses. At 15 minutes, Van Dyck knocked the ball, but he hit the head of Milner. After that, the projectile was in the grid of Carius’s possessions. The score was equal thanks to the goal of James. The Liverpool players did not drop their hands and continued to attack. In one episode, Manet struck from close range, but Becker moved the projectile to the corner. The standard brought dividends to the Merseyside. Jorginho Veynaldum was in the right place and sent the shell into the goal of the home team. The Reds came forward again.

At 35 minutes, “Roma” again could upset the opponent. El-Shaarawi struck from afar, the ball landed in Milner’s leg and raced into the frame of the gate. The first half ended with a score of 1: 2.

After the break, “Roma” scored the second goal. After the strike of El-Shaarawi, Carius managed to hit the ball, but he was in Edin Dzeko. The forward of the Romans struck in the far upper corner. “Dzhalorossi” continued to put pressure on the opponent. It should be noted the dangerous blows of Under and Jack.

Then “Liverpool” created scoring chances. Salah made a transfer to Firmino. From a difficult situation Roberto struck a good blow, Alisson had to show skill. At the 80th minute, Dzeko could draw a double. Perfectly played in this episode, Carius. In fairness, Edin’s blow was not strong.

On the 86th minute “Roma” came forward. With the transfer of Kolarov a beautiful shot was performed by Raja Nainggolan. The goalkeeper of the Merseyside team was powerless in this episode. In compensated time Nainggolan realized a penalty and issued a double.

“Roma” held a worthy campaign in the Champions League. Liverpool reached the final of the tournament.

Roma – Liverpool – 4: 2 (1: 2)

Goal: Mane, 9 (0: 1), Milner, 15 (1: 1, own goal), Weinaldum, 25 (1: 2), Dzheko, 52 (2: 2), Nainggolan, 86 (3: 2), Nainggolan, 90 + 3 (4: 2, pen)


Author: Arthur Petrov


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