The overwhelming majority of Russians heard about the tragedy in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo. Almost half of them believe that the authorities intentionally hide the true causes of the fire and underestimate the number of victims.

As reported by Vedomosti with reference to the survey of the Levada Center, 85% of respondents are well informed about the incident, another 14% have heard something about it. 46% believe in the reliability of the information provided by officials of different levels, 41% of respondents are sure that they are not telling the truth. In their opinion, the victims can be more, the circumstances of the tragedy are distorted.

The survey participants named the main reasons for the fire violation of the rules of fire safety by the owners of the shopping center, the negligence of its employees, the indifference of firefighters and corruption in power.

The fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” began on March 25 and was extinguished only the next morning. According to the latest data of the UK, 60 people were killed – all victims were identified by genetic examination. Earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations counted 64 victims of a fire. The TC caught fire as a result of a short circuit caused, probably, by the leakage of melted snow through the roof.

The Presidium of the Kemerovo branch of the Russian Red Cross sent 130 million rubles of donations to the victims of the fire. The collection of money continues.

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