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The administration of Ulyanovsk intends to rename the central square of the city from Lenin Square to Sobornaya. The formal sponsors of the initiative were regional referrals, which were supported by United Russia. Against the renaming are the Communist Party and the Public Chamber of the region, which sent an appeal to the head of the city. And about. head of the administration of Ulyanovsk Vadim Andreev supports renaming.

On Wednesday, the public chamber of the Ulyanovsk region announced that it was sending an appeal to the head of Ulyanovsk, Sergey Panchin, in which he asked to refrain from renaming the central square of Lenin to Sobornaya.

The appeal appeared after the Commission on the name of streets and other objects of Ulyanovsk at its meeting by a majority of votes (seven in favor, two abstained) decided to rename the Lenin Square, on which the administration building of the governor and the regional government is located, to the Cathedral Square . Actually it is a question of returning the historical name – until 1936 there was the Holy Trinity Cathedral on this site, in connection with which the area until 1918 was called Sobornaya.

Lenin Square in Ulyanovsk becomes CathedralPerm authorities propose to abandon the streets, “named after the names of terrorists”

Renamed the square offered a branch of “Fair Russia”. His appeal was sent to the Commission in December 2017, twice discussed (though without public information). The head of the oblast referrals, Mikhail Sychev (formerly deputy governor, who oversaw internal policy), explained to Kommersant that “everything started with the initiative to recreate the Holy Trinity Cathedral” (the construction was stopped in 2005 and the project was closed due to the danger of a landslide. – “B”). The party of power supported the referrals. “Yes, on Monday at the commission, I spoke in support of the appeal,” Vasily Gvozdev, the first deputy secretary of the United Russia branch, told Kommersant (he is also a member of the commission). According to him, “apart from the historical aspect, the name itself is important – as a universally recognized venue for meetings, marches, citizens gathering, unity.”

And this name will have a unifying character for all, while Lenin is far from being an idol for all. But no one diminishes the name of Lenin. We are also for a great countryman, but we have two squares: one – Lenin, the other – the Centuries of Lenin. And do not let people get confused, “he added.

It is worth noting that according to the city’s regulations on renaming the commission must make a decision taking into account public opinion polls. Mr. Gvozdev explained to Kommersant that he considered it sufficient that the views of the Simbirsk Cossacks, the Simbirsk Orthodox community, the Union of Orthodox Women of the Region were attached to the reference list.

Other representatives of the Communist Party. In a statement published on Wednesday, they argue that “no public discussion "initiatives" was not conducted, and the opinion of the townspeople and the inhabitants of the region was not taken into account by anyone. ” Decision of the commission they call an attempt to “eradicate the Soviet legacy in the history of their hometown”, aimed at “splitting and confrontation in society.” According to Ayrat Gibatdinov, the secretary of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, a series of single pickets against renaming took place on Tuesday, a large picket will be held on Friday with the same agenda, and on May 5 – a rally.

Lenin Square in Ulyanovsk becomes Cathedral

As in St. Petersburg, the streets are given pre-revolutionary names

“We discussed this proposal with the members of the Public Chamber, all against it. There are no cathedrals in the square, and it is unlikely that they will appear there, but the monument to the leader of the proletariat stands, and his name has already grown together with the square, “the chairman of the public chamber of the region Alexander Chepukhin said on his Facebook page.

And about. the head of the administration of Ulyanovsk, Vadim Andreev (to rename his signature enough), explained to Kommersant that he would check all the documents of the commission and consult with the public, but noted that, in his personal opinion, “renaming is necessary.”

Sergey Titov, Ulyanovsk

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