Rudy Giuliani, who is the attorney for the Donald Trump in the case of Russia

Lawyer trump said about his desire to change the government in IranDonald trump and Rudolph Giuliani

As reported by Politico, Giuliani, who several years ago was the mayor of the new York, addressed to the participants of the Congress of Organizations advocating for the promotion of democracy in Iran. After that, communicating with journalists, a lawyer said that “trump is so interested in the regime of change in Iran, as well as all the participants at the Congress.”

Giuliani noted that the change of government in Iran is the only chance to establish peace in the middle East. According to him, is “more important than the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

According to Politico, the trump in recent weeks, did not comment on the situation in Iran, however, during the December protests in this country, that it was time for change in the country, the population was oppressed for many years “.

The current United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, even as a Congressman, in addition to Iran, in order to change Iran’s behavior, and ideally to change the regime in this country. “In favor of” in Iran in June last year, expressed and former head of the state department Rex Tillerson., Later, however, the American foreign ministry.

Lawyer trump said about his desire to change the government in IranWarren Buffett (Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP)


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