SOCHI, May 3. / TASS /. The Americans do not give enough security guarantees to deliver humanitarian aid to the Rookban refugee camp in southern Syria. This was stated on Thursday at a press conference by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"As for the Rookban refugee camp in terms of delivering humanitarian aid, for a very long time the Americans refused to provide access to humanitarian convoys, citing the alleged lack of permission from the Syrian government. This is not true", – he noted. The minister stressed that all issues between the Syrian government and the humanitarian agency have been resolved, the United States does not provide enough security guarantees for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to this camp.

According to Lavrov, the US proposes to deliver humanitarian convoys to the border of the Rukban camp, the residents themselves will already be involved in the distribution of assistance. "But we have already seen more than once, including in East Aleppo, and in East Gut, how humanitarian aid delivered in this way was either privatized by militants or resold at a price, so this is not an option, “the Russian Foreign Minister stressed. – This is not the solution to this problem".

The minister noted that the whole complex of issues related to the normalization of the situation in southern Syria near the Jordanian border requires a comprehensive review.


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