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Sales of laptops in Russia, only recently returned to growth after five years of decline, in the first quarter of 2018 sharply accelerated. The market continued to be affected by deferred demand against the background of a stable exchange rate, while users began to be interested in more expensive devices for replacing stationary computers. In particular, in the top five in sales in pieces at the beginning of the year included Apple, pushing Dell.

Sales of laptops in Russia in the first quarter of 2018 grew by almost 9% in pieces and by 20% in monetary terms to the same period last year, to 673 thousand units and 23.1 billion rubles., “Kommersant” in the networks of “M” . Video “and” Eldorado “(part of the group” Safmar “by Mikhail Gutseriev). In pieces, the growth was twice as high as a year earlier, and in monetary terms – more than six times higher, the companies noted. Estimates of other retailers are somewhat different: according to Euroset, the market grew by 15% in quantitative terms and by 26% in monetary terms, and according to Svyaznoy – by 5% and 15%, respectively. In this case, as previously reported to Kommersant, in 2017 the notebook market showed growth for the first time in five years.

The composition of the market leaders has changed. So, in the top 5 brands for sales in pieces, according to Svyaznoy, included Lenovo (23%), Asus (20%), HP (20%), Acer (17%) and Apple (5.5%) . A year earlier Asus was in the lead, and Apple was not in the top five, yielding to Dell. Asus retains its leading position with revenue of 21%, Lenovo – 19%, HP – 17.5%, Acer and Apple – 15% each. The number of notebooks Lenovo sold increased by 8% by the first quarter of 2017, as a result of which the brand took the leadership position, a strong spurt was made by HP, whose sales in pieces increased by 18%, notes Svaznoy’s commercial director Dagmar Ivanov.

The increase in the market in monetary terms was affected by an increase in the average price to 33.9 thousand rubles. from 31.1 thousand rubles. a year earlier, they note in Euroset. Most sales of notebooks are growing in the average price segment of 37-64 thousand rubles. (an increase of 50%) and in the upper – over 64 thousand rubles. (30%), follows from the report “M.Video” and “Eldorado”. In the opinion of Andrey Gubanov, director of digital technology, M.Video, the market is growing in all price segments, and Internet sales will play a decisive role. They have already reached 6.8 billion rubles. and 176 thousand pieces, which, respectively, by 36% and 15% higher than in the first quarter of 2017. Thus, online accounts for 29% of the notebook market in monetary terms.

In “Euroset” a surge in sales growth of laptops is associated with the fact that more and more users are abandoning stationary computers. “The economic situation has previously limited the ability to purchase appliances by home users and corporate customers,” said Natalia Vinogradova, IDC analyst. According to her, manufacturers were preparing for demand, shipped increased volumes of devices in retail for the next few months.

The reasons for the growth are the same factors as at the end of last year, says Ivan Pajkov, director of the department “Laptops and tablets” of the company “Marvel-distribution” Ivan Pajkov: realization of the deferred demand against the stable exchange rate in the first quarter and the remaining high interest in the segment of gaming laptops . So, in addition to Lenovo laptops, MSI gaming laptops showed good growth, sales of which doubled by the first quarter of 2017, both in pieces and in money, he noted.

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