Konstantin Genic: Lokomotiv knows his task will perform itSmolov broke stop-the crane. And caught up with the Promes

– Konstantin, what do you think prevented “the locomotive” today to score points?

– Team looked good, but failed to convert their chances. Everything is still in the legs, the minds of the players of “Locomotive”. Two points – and they are Champions of Russia.

Perhaps the just under his enemy?

– Talking about the underestimation could not go, because at stake is the title and the title of the champion of Russia. In these games the team did not even think about such. Lokomotiv knows his task and will perform it.

– What do we do, wait for the championship “Locomotive” in the match with “Zenit”?

– Not the fact that the railroad will be able to overcome Petrograd, even playing at home. “Zenit” is a team that likes to put a spoke in the wheel. So Lokomotiv are not entitled to an easy walk. The club needs to go on the field and prove their worth, – quotes the words of Genica “Euro-football.ru”.


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