Latvia is dissatisfied with the fact that Russia ignores her requests and forces her to spend money, and nothing can be done about it.

"Know your place": in Russia they responded to Latvia's complaints about the "unwillingness of Russians to build a trusting relationship"photo:

The intention of the Russian Defense Ministry to conduct missile firing in the Baltic Sea from 4 to 6 and from 17 to 19 April was taken with bayonets by Sweden and Latvia. To conduct these exercises, Sweden was forced to warn the civil maritime movement that the Baltic Sea zones would temporarily be dangerous for navigation, and Latvia closed part of the airspace for commercial flights.

At the same time, the Swedish media were frightening the population by the fact that Russia conducts exercises in dangerous proximity from the coast of the country (which did not correspond to reality) and in general it needs to prepare for war.

Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis on the air of the LNT television channel said that "The exercises do not contribute to security in the Baltic region and negatively affect the intensive navigation", and also noted the probability of errors, because of what such firing in the inland sea can not be carried out at all.

In addition, he accused Russia of demonstrating strength and, to some extent, provocation against Latvia and NATO in order to find out their reaction.

In turn, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, that the alliance will closely follow the ongoing military exercises of Russia in the Baltic Sea.

But Latvia as a result has not seen rocket launches and has addressed to the Russian Federation with the requirement to explain, that occurs.

"We want to receive information from the Russian Federation why the declared exercises were not held for the second time. I do not have any data, maybe it happened for technical reasons. I still have no explanation why we did not see anything in the closed sectors", – the Minister of Defense of Latvia Раймондс Бергманис has declared on air of the Latvian TV on April, 20th.


He noted that airspace over the Baltic Sea is intensively used for air traffic, so the predictability of such exercises is an important factor in terms of air safety.

As it turned out, Russia has not bothered to give an explanation to Latvia, which has greatly upset the Ministry of Defense of the Republic. According to the State Secretary of Latvia, Janis Garissons, the country there is practically no opportunity to somehow influence Russia’s plans to conduct missile firing in the exclusive economic zone of the Baltic country, it can reserve airspace for this unlimited number of times.

Such behavior of the Russian Federation, says the Secretary of State, speaks of "reluctance of Russians to build trust" and nothing can be done about it.

"We can not do anything special. Of course, we can talk with international organizations about this situation, and we can continue to monitor. We have already discussed this issue with NATO partners", – said Garisons.

In addition, the Latvian Secretary of State is concerned that if the Russian side again decides to conduct missile firing, The Latvian army will have to organize observation abroad, having spent money on this from the budget.


Editor in Chief "National defense" Igor Korotchenko, commenting on the radio Sputnik this situation, said that Riga can not have any claims to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – everything happens in the framework of international treaties and in this regard Latvia "must know his place".

"Latvia should know its place in terms of the fact that attempts to dictate anything to Russia that are not based on any international law can not be considered legitimate criticism. Let them complain in sports, league of sexual reforms, NATO, the reaction will be similar – it is not based on international law", – said Korotchenko.

It should be noted that on April 7, Captain First Rank Roman Martov, head of the information department of the press service of the Western Military District for the Baltic Fleet, said that the crew of the corvette "Wise" The Baltic Fleet during the exercises reflected the missile strike of the conventional enemy.

"Target shooting crew "Clever" carried out using a sea-based antiaircraft missile system "Redoubt". Air target "Tribute to M" was first launched from a position in the Cape Taran area in the Kaliningrad region. The naval range of the Baltic Fleet, where the training was held, was declared temporarily dangerous for civil navigation and aviation flights", – told Martov.

In addition, the crew of the ship conducted exercises on electronic warfare, anti-sabotage defense and the struggle for vitality, and also worked out the elements of maneuvering and passing through the ship by narrowness, the captain noted.


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