Kings can do everything

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Last month, Mswati III, king of the dwarf African state of Swaziland, said the 50-year anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, monarch, renamed his native country in the Kingdom of Eswatini, once again reminding the world about yourself. Previously, Swaziland, Eswatini, the world usually only heard in connection with numerous – more than a dozen wives of the king.

It’s all relative

The Kingdom Of Swaziland is a country in southern Africa, between Mozambique and South Africa. Before independence in 1968, is a British colony. The country of 17,364 square kilometer (slightly more than in Chechnya). Landlocked has not. The population is about 1.5 million people. 90% of the population profess Christianity. Average age of 21.7 years. Swaziland is one of the world leaders in terms of mortality and the prevalence of HIV infection and tuberculosis. The average expected life expectancy of 52.1 years, one of the lowest in the world. In terms of the economy, the country is closely linked with South Africa, many local residents are working or trading in Africa. The main export commodities are sugar and juice concentrates. The unemployment rate is 28%. The local currency lilangeni (PL. H-emalangeni) is pegged to the Rand of South Africa at the rate of 1: 1. The minimum wages of an unskilled worker is 420 emalangeni per month (equivalent to 2100 rubles).

The Kingdom is well known to tour operators specializing in exotic destinations: every year there is a ceremony called “dance of the reed”. Tens of thousands of young virgins Topless, gathered from all over the country, dancing in front of the king. If one of them will appeal to the monarch, he can take her home to meet the family.

Kings can do everythingIn “Dance of the reed” is attended by the tens of thousands of unmarried and childless svazilendas

In the case of a successful marriage, the young lady will receive the title of the bride of the king. In addition to the king, there are numerous tourists who are easily identified by the white color and cameras with telephoto lenses.

Custom made by the previous monarch, the father of the current ruler. Dad Mswati III, king Sobhuza II, was the absolute champion of the monarchs of all time: rules 82 years, had 70 wives, who gave him 210 children.

Kings can do everythingKing Mswati III is much inferior to his father, king Sobuza II (pictured right) in the number of wives and children

To our time lived less than 100 children of the king-dolgopalets. But the grandchildren are over a thousand. Mswati III was the only son of the younger wives. In 1986 he was graduated in the England school for boys in Sherborne, when he was summoned to his native Swaziland to be crowned.

Kings can do everythingWhile his classmates Prince Makhosetive English school preparing for the final exams, the Prince ascended the throne and became the king of Swaziland Mswati III

Change of British suit on the traditional lion’s skin, but not removing the hands of Rolex, 25 April 1986, 18-year-old Mswati III came to the throne. From the father of the new monarch, inherited the tendency to polygamy, love of luxury and a dislike for stupid inventions of the West, democracy, political parties, a free press, independent judiciary and the like.

Pope Sobuza loved good cars. But with two of his “Buick” and “Cadillac” on display in the Museum for the edification of posterity, the son of Mswati had to own their vehicles. In 2004, king Mswati acquired Maybach 62 for half a million dollars, and ten BMW seventh batch for yourself and a few wives. The criticisms, coming mainly from abroad, that the country lives in poverty while the king buys luxury cars, Mswati III responded brilliantly simple: forbade to photograph their fleet. The press explained: this is not just a new purchase, and just upgrade. In 2009 again he was upgraded to 20 armored Mercedes-Benz. This year, when the country celebrates, two anniversaries – the king and independence, Mswati again upgraded its fleet, this time buying the party BMW740i.

Kings can do everythingVegan vs rams

But, since progress is not in place, some car king is not enough. In 2010, Mswati got his first personal aircraft, bought from Singapore businessman Shanmugi of Ramanama McDonnell Douglas DC-9-87 for $ 11.45 million Ordinary Swazi people a Royal businessman. The king, meanwhile, asked, “anonymous” Shanmugi of Ramanama to do a small upgrade of aircraft of $ 3.5 million And even said to buy another $ 1.5 million works of art from an art dealer in new York. Money is king, however, did not pay, but the Shanmuga Retnam, to produce in Swaziland iron ore. Then the king had a quarreled with his business partner. In Swaziland, the trial began against Shanmugi of Retenue, and outside of this business man.

The Charter, apparently, to sue for the plane, the king in 2016, has got a new, more solid – Airbus A340-300. With the approval of the Parliament, announced that the monarch just need a new liner for the fulfillment of international obligations. Dissident Bagnani Masuko, representing one of the opposition parties in Swaziland-Eswatini (the country officially banned all political parties), commented on the decision of the parliamentarians: “This is nonsense. Bank accounts abroad. “Or wives, if they want to go shopping in new York and Paris.”

Kings can do everything

Swaziland stand in line for American assistance during the drought of 2002

Wife Mswati III is a much more interesting subject than cars and planes. In the end, Forbes magazine has more than $ 200 million In other countries not only monarchs, but even democratically elected rulers can have more capital. But who else will find half a dozen legitimate wives?

Comrades women

Kings can do everything

During the annual “reed Dance” a king may choose a bride. Mswati III has 32 times was present at the ceremony, but got only 15 wives

Although kings can be almost anything, sometimes the life of the monarch depends on the tradition. The first wife of the king of Swaziland must be a representative of the matsebula clan, the second clan of motsa. The nominations choose the members of the national Council. All the Royal wives have the title in khokikati. Most of the ladies with higher education at a University in neighbouring South Africa.

Third wife, inkhosikati Lambikiza, was the first one the king chooses. As is often the case with spouses of very rich people, the Queen does charity work. For example, she was an organization that helps the poor. According to the world Bank for 2015, about 40% of Swaziland population lived on less than us $ 1.9 per day. Even Lambikiza directs the Royal Initiative to combat HIV-AIDS.

Swaziland belongs malopocetnych world record for the spread of HIV among the adult population is infected with 26% of the population aged 15 to 49 years.

For TB, by the way, Swaziland is also a world record.

About Swazi opposition was not talking for effect. In 2009, five of the spouses of the king with 40 servants swept along the route France-Italy-Taiwan-United States, spending $ 6 million At the same time the shorter (with the Emirates instead of the US), and the amount of at the same level. In 2012, three wives with 55 the accompanying trip to Las Vegas. The inhabitants of the country after this news came out on unauthorized demonstrations. It is unclear, however, how they learned about it: the press.

Fourth wife, Languages, was one of the participants of the controversial shop tours. With her in Las Vegas, flew Lamalonga (ninth, is considered one of the most popular wives of the king) and Linkable (thirteen at the time of travel is the youngest in the harem).

So-and-SOS, ran away from the Palace

Not all marriages of king Mswati III was strong. The fifth and sixth wife, Queen of Lahual and Lamagwaza, were friends. They were United by the fact that ten years after the wedding. Both were suspected of adultery. Both in 2004, fled the country to South Africa.

Runaway king declared in the international search, that does not prevent both quietly live their lives. Lamagwaza remained in Africa and married local businessman. Lahala moved to London.

The eighth wife, Lahij, ran away from the Palace and out of Swaziland in 2012. Also after ten years of marriage. His action, she explained, many years of emotional and physical abuse by the king. Lahij lives in South Africa.

In addition to the three spouses who escaped shortly before his 50th anniversary the king has lost another wife. His ninth, the once most beloved wife, Namugongo committed suicide after not seen Mswati III for three years. Finally broke his prohibition of the king on funeral, who died a month earlier.

Oh, what was the scandal

If you compare the date of your birth, you can be sure that the king of Eswatini is guided by a certain algorithm in the selection of life partner: he prefers 17-18-year-old brides . As they grow, the wife of king bored. Then he upgrade his harem – as well as the fleet. However, the king has implemented 21 years, which operated from 2001 to 2005.

For marriage. One cow or the equivalent of $ 160. For his 13th wife, Lancable, king honestly gave a cow to the state of Treasury.

Tenth marriage Mswati condemned Amnesty International and relatives of the bride. 18-year-old College student Zena Soraya Mahlangu did not return home from school on October 9, 2002. October 10, her mother reported it to the police. 11th mother came two and said that her daughter was in the Palace, “performing court duties.” The mother sued in court. It’s easy to guess what fate awaits this lawsuit. As a student of Xena Mahlangu became Queen Lamalonga.

Kings can do everything

King per capita

The scandal associated with the 12th wife, Mswati, the Queen of Labbe, and the former winner of the title “miss Swazi Teenager”. During the king’s visit to Taiwan, the Minister of Justice of Swaziland, Ndumiso Mamba. The Minister lost not only the post but also freedom. Wife is a cheating whore. Since then, as it happened in 2012, she rarely left the palace, has not seen her husband, and very little with whom. As for Wamba, he was pretty alone mitigating circumstance: he led all financial operations of the king. Probably so after a year and a half after the scandal of the former.

What kids now, right

The children of king Mswati III Eswatini little is known. More than two dozen, counting abandoned at the court of the two runaway wives. The heirs receive education mainly in England. For their school success watches specifically authorized by a court, which in London was a modest house for £ 5 million

But one daughter, from the first self-selected by the king’s wife, is the exception to the rule: as a teenager she learned to attract the attention of the press not worse than dad. This Princess Sikhanyiso, the eldest daughter of the king. This year, she turns 31. She graduated from College in England, graduated from Sydney University with a degree in digital communication technologies.

In 2005, when it was repelled the ban on marriage with minors, Sikhanyiso marked the occasion with a party for friends. With alcohol and loud music. So loud that it interfered with the 12th engagement of the Pope. Unhappy king ordered to flog daughter. That was done specifically on this authorized the Palace servants.

Free-thinking Princess is manifested in Western clothes. She talked on Twitter with the opposition, criticized the institution of polygamy – as unfair to women.

And Sikhanyiso takes the rap under the pseudonym Pasha. One of her songs called “long live his Majesty”. Mswati III of the honorary degree of doctor of Sciences in 2013.

Kings can do everythingPrincess Sikhanyiso, the eldest daughter of the king, is clearly drawn to Western Swazi

Last year, the Princess appeared the prospective groom is Mzwakhe firi, her age, a former basketball player, who played in Italy, Mozambique and Finland, and now the owner of a basketball school and the aerobics Studio. Alas, just to talk to the parents of the bride on marriage, the candidate must pay 50 cows. And the final dowry (called in Eswatini of lobola) can be 300 and more cows. Ex-basketball player the herd, alas, does not speak. Countrymen firi wanted to arrange a kind of crowdfunding to help him, but in the meantime there was a second contender for the hand of the Princess Sikhanyiso. His name is Sandila Ngomane, and he’s not some commoner player and the leader of Hhaii II, the traditional leader of the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, the owner of several farms, on which there is certainly a need for many cows, if required. Whoever wins in the end, the Kingdom of Eswatini is probably waiting for a rich wedding.

And there are other expenses – costly renaming only the new name of the country.


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