The head coach of the “Bavaria” Jupp Heinkes spoke after the departure from the semifinals of the Champions League following the results of the matches with “Real” (2: 2, 1: 2).

“Of course, very disappointing. We had a brilliant first half, and the missed ball immediately after the break was a serious blow. But we have a strong character. We really showed good football. “Real” only counterattacked, sitting out in his half of the field. Honestly, I do not even remember when Bayern played so well. Let’s not forget about our personnel losses, and in fact we played before 80 thousand spectators.

In the first game, I was forced to replace injured Robben and Boateng in the first half. This somewhat complicated life. To the second leg missed five players at once. But this is not an excuse – all the guys who got the chance to enter the field were ready for it.

Final can not be predicted. Probably, the “Liverpool” chances to participate in the finals more than the “Roma”. But it will be a fairly equal and persistent match. I can not single out a favorite, “Heinkes said.


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