Previously, commentators simply gave their forecasts, advised you on what to put. Sometimes they got to the point, sometimes they made mistakes, but in general they did not take any chances. And it was unfair.

Winline and the commentators of “Match TV” decided to fix this situation.

From this moment, commentators not only give predictions, but also risk their reputation. Anyone who will give wrong predictions will have to fulfill the punishment that you come up with!

In the second match Roman Gutzait, representing “Bavaria”, fights with Constantine Genic, who stands for Real Madrid.

The first forecast was given by Gutzait and chose the bet – the second half will be scored for 2.70

Genich chose the opposite option, he believes that in the second half, the team will score less than 1.5 goals. The coefficient for this event is 2.03.

The one who on the outcome of the two-legged confrontation the sum of the winning odds will be higher – will go to the finals, and the loser will receive punishment from you.

In order for the loser to execute your punishment, it is necessary to be subscribed to one of the Winline communities on social networks and write your idea in the comments to this post. We will read everything, select the best – and we will definitely show off humiliation. We’ll put it all on the video and show you.

Videos of punishments will be published on social networks Winline:


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