The Internet is no less important than roads and electricity. Its stability is a strategic goal

Invisible while working. Whether the government is aware of the value of the Internet as the infrastructure?

Exhibition "Russian Internet week / RIW" in Moscow. Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Over the past two weeks, many Russians have learned the Internet from the other side, which never thought of. Lock Telegram has exposed the Internet as infrastructure. In fact, the network is not only the content, virtual space or set of services and platforms, although any of these definitions apply. The Internet is the same basis for modern life as electricity, water and road network. However, we do not fully realize it, causing long-term problems when failures. This is the Republic of the Philippines online the researchers and coordinators of the Club of the Internet and Society Pauline Colocarei and Leonid Yuldashev.

At the core of the Internet

The Internet is a network that connects different networks. First of all, this physical communication channels, the wire that supports their complex and expensive equipment, devices for wireless networks. This important component is often overlooked. Thus, the material part of the Internet. If you lived in different cities of Russia and the world, you could pay attention to it. Ten years ago, not all was broadband, not to mention the fact that low-cost unlimited calling came a few years ago.

And now the average English is increasingly accesses the Internet from a mobile phone. Also, there are regions where still not all the wires, and use only smartphones. A well-known example of Yakutia, where a synonym of the Internet is WhatsApp, a little less known in this respect, Sakhalin. The Internet there is designed to make people get through and on to the hard drive on the mainland.

But living in an apartment building, invisibly until it breaks. With the wires, when the problems begin, for example, due to natural disasters, the infrastructure becomes visible. The pillars that hold the sending Internet cables, can or can remove them at the behest of the regional authorities. The past has happened and continues to happen in different cities of Russia, such as Tyumen, Kazan and Vladivostok.


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