Renovation of dilapidated housing can be implemented in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Rostov and Sochi. This was announced by Russian Construction Minister Mikhail Men.

“(Renovation experience) can be scaled only for large entities with high investment attractiveness of land plots for residential development,” the minister said.

According to him, the ministry is studying the experience gained as a result of the renovation in Moscow, in order to draft a bill on a new principle of resettlement of emergency housing.

Earlier, the ministry noted that the mechanism for resettlement of emergency housing should be earned from January 1, 2019. According to the latest data, the program for resettlement of emergency housing, which was recognized as an emergency until 2012, is 98% complete. However, since then, the number of houses that fell into the category of emergency, increased by 44 thousand.

Recall that in early 2017, Moscow authorities announced a renovation program, which provides for the demolition of several thousand apartment buildings in the city, primarily five-story buildings. In the final list were 5 144 houses. They live about a million people. The authorities promised that Muscovites would receive new apartments with the same number of rooms that they had before.


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