In Syzran, a naked man sunbathing on the balcony

In Syzran tenants of one of the high-rise buildings are shocked by the behavior of their neighbor. The man constantly goes absolutely naked to his balcony and takes air baths.

In Syzran, people actively discuss the behavior of one of the residents of the city, who naked goes to the balcony, shocking neighbors. It is known that such an extraordinary person lives along Astrakhanskaya Street, his balcony is completely open and can be seen from all sides.

Eyewitnesses report that the extremal is about 40 years old, naked on the balcony, he smokes and deals with various household chores. A woman who lives on the floor above, constantly complains that she is already afraid to go out on the balcony because of the unpleasant poses in which the neighbor appears before her. Residents are outraged, because children go out onto the balconies, which should not perceive such a behavior as a norm.

Neighbors repeatedly asked a man to dress during the exits to the balcony, but he stated that he was at home and had every right to be dressed as he pleased. Some women wanted to photograph a neighbor and hang photos on the house, but they are afraid that they can be punished for such illegal actions.

Christina Lisovskaya – Correspondent RIA VistaNews

Author: Andrey Vasiliev Based on materials: vistanews


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