The act of vandalism took place in Syktyvkar, where on April 27, unknown people broke a ruble monument. The monument, installed in honor of the Russian currency in 2015, was shattered into small pieces, the newspaper reported.

As well as on whose fault this happened – establish law enforcement. But it is already obvious that the incident is not accidental: the mounts flew out, a crack appeared on the pedestal, and the ruble itself was lying on the ground – the glasses were scattered all over the site.

In Syktyvkar, the ruble fell - even though it is a monumentPhoto: screenshot from the group "In contact with"

This ruble is not the only monument in our country. It was installed by a construction company on the initiative of a local bank. In addition to Syktyvkar, there are ruble monuments in other cities of Russia – in particular, in Moscow.


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