In Syktyvkar teenagers ran on the roof of the shopping center

In Syktyvkar on Tuesday, May 1, teenagers ran on the roof of one of the local shopping centers. It was clear that the young people are showing signs of frolic, deliberately neglecting the rules of personal security.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident took place on the building of SEC “Maxi”. First, two teenagers climbed onto the roof, which they then pulled to the top of their friend. The young man held onto the big letters IMAX. After all the schoolchildren climbed to the top, they ran in an unknown direction. How they managed to get on the roof, and most importantly – for what purpose they did it, it was not possible to find out. Witnesses of the incident captured teenagers on smartphone cameras and posted them on the network.

Earlier we wrote that in Tyumen teenagers toasted shish kebab on the roof of the garage. The young people were dragged to the barbecue parking building and began to cook meat in the sight of surprised passers-by. Motives for their actions could not be clarified.

Alexander Soloviev – Correspondent RIA VistaNews

Author: Andrey Vasiliev Based on materials: vistanews


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