The uncoordinated protests “He’s not King” in St. Michael Nagy covering the event.

In St. Petersburg to protest detained the press photographer of the RainPhoto: Michael Nagy / Rain

According to Nadia, he was arrested at the intersection of Voznesensky Prospekt and Bolshaya Morskaya street. David Frankel and the journalist of “Real time”. He was carried into a paddy wagon with several other detainees, among them – the correspondent of “media zones”.

After a few minutes, Nadia was released. “The media” reported that its correspondent is also free.

According to “OVD-info”, as of 16:00 in Saint-Petersburg were detained four people. Later, the project reported that the police continued to use force.

In dozens of Russian cities on May 5 held a protest “He is not our king”, dedicated to the inauguration of Vladimir Putin. In some cities they are not consistent. “OVD-info” wrote that, by 17:00 to 19 cities have been detained more than a thousand people.


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