In St. Petersburg on shares of Navalny detained two minorsFor photos of the protesters "He’s not the king". Photo: "Moika78"

Today, may 5, in St. Petersburg hosted the inconsistent action "He’s not the king" which came out 2 thousand people, and 200 of them were arrested. It turned out that the stocks were arrested and 2 minors, which was delivered to the 18 Police Department, according to the Social Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Boris Vishnevsky.

According to the MP, only 18 departments there are 13 people. Two of them were minors, which are now going to let go. To him came the parents, who wait until they are released. The remaining 11 people are detained over article 20.2 of the administrative code of the police officer’s violation of the established code of administration or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing.

Vishnevsky also said that he is now waiting for the paper to talk to the detainees. For these articles, assume that the penalty is one thousand roubles or administrative arrest up to 15 days.


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