In the company Group stated that they did not help to locate and block VPNs and proxy servers that were used to bypass the Telegram lock, one of the clients was engaged in it, it is already blocked.

“Indeed, on the leased virtual servers in our cloud service, this activity took place. In the morning we blocked this client because we are for free Internet and do not want to provide cloud capacities for any restrictions on the Internet, “an unnamed representative of the company told RBC.

He said that a few days ago, activists placed a proxy server on the company’s cloud servers to bypass Telegram locks, as a result of which Roskomnadzor blocked several IP addresses of the Group.

The fact that can search VPN and proxy servers that are used to bypass Telegram locks to be subsequently blocked by Roskomnadzor, was said in the telegram channel “Zatelecom” (it is conducted by the Executive Director of the Internet Protection Society Mikhail Klimarev).

“RKN began to ban even those proxy servers that never really missed the traffic of users and did not show themselves at all. They began to collect logs. Found that the first request is always from, then ban, “he wrote.

Roskomnadzor since April 16 is trying to block the telegram messenger in Russia. Telegram continues to work, however, sites that are not connected with the messenger have suffered – in particular, Google’s and Amazon’s subnets, Viber’s messenger.


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