In Lebanon for the first time in nine years choose Parliament

Preparing to vote in Lebanon

In Lebanon Sunday, may 6, parliamentary elections are held – the first in nine years. They are carried out under the new proportional system, adopted after long disputes and searches of compromises. Under this system, the parliamentary seats are distributed among the candidates in the proportions. In Lebanon, we hope that this will help to breathe new life into the hidebound political structures, where the elite has not changed since the end of the civil war between 1975 and 1990.

High hopes for this election. A good chance to have the candidates of the Islamic movement "Hezbollah" that the United States and several other countries. Representatives "Hezbollah" for the first time passed in the Lebanese Parliament in the 1990-ies. The majority of seats in the Lebanese. "The movement of the future" the Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Lebanon is considered to be a highly unstable state, due to the stay in its territory of the representatives of many nationalities and religious communities, the influence of foreign states and the presence of large numbers of refugees. The highest state posts in the country are distributed according to the religious affiliation: the President must be the Christian Maronite, the Prime Minister a Sunni and the Parliament speaker a Shia. 128 parliamentary seats are allocated strictly on a similar principle.

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